Alzheimer’s Association and MedicAlert Medical Devices for Dementia

The MedicAlert Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides emergency medical information services to individuals with medical conditions, allergies, or special needs. It is not directly affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association, but the two organizations do have a relationship.

The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and advocacy for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their families. The association recognizes the importance of having medical information readily available in case of an emergency, and it has partnered with the MedicAlert Foundation to offer its members access to MedicAlert’s emergency medical information services.

Through this partnership, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease who are members of the Alzheimer’s Association can obtain a MedicAlert ID bracelet or necklace that bears the Alzheimer’s Association emblem and the individual’s personal medical information. In the event of an emergency, medical personnel can quickly access the individual’s medical information through the MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 emergency response center. This can help ensure that the individual receives appropriate and timely medical care, even if they are unable to communicate their medical needs themselves.

The MedicAlert Foundation offers a range of products and services to help individuals with medical conditions, allergies, or special needs communicate their health information in case of an emergency. Some of the products and services offered by the foundation include:

  1. Medical ID jewelry: The foundation offers a variety of medical ID jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, and keychains, that are engraved with the individual’s medical information.
  2. 24/7 Emergency Response Center: The foundation operates a 24/7 emergency response center that is staffed by trained professionals who can provide emergency medical information to healthcare providers in case of an emergency.
  3. Online Personal Health Record: The foundation offers an online personal health record service that allows individuals to store and manage their medical information in one secure location.
  4. Mobile App: The foundation offers a mobile app that can be used to access emergency medical information and to alert emergency responders in case of an emergency.
  5. Emergency Wallet Card: The foundation offers an emergency wallet card that can be carried in a wallet or purse and provides emergency medical information in case the individual is unable to communicate.
  6. Family and Caregiver Services: The foundation offers a range of services for family members and caregivers, including access to the individual’s medical information and emergency response services.

These products and services are designed to help individuals with medical conditions, allergies, or special needs communicate their health information in case of an emergency and to ensure that they receive appropriate and timely medical care.



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